Latest Covid-19 Travel Guidance USA

Good news for travelers planning to visit the US, a COVID-19 negative report is no longer mandatory.

While the mandatory clause has been removed, the still CDC encourages people to follow safety recommendations.

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Table of Contents

    CDC recommended Covid behavior

    The Centers Of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages all travelers (irrespective of US citizens) to:

    1. Wearing of face mask on public transit
    2. Frequent hand washing

    International Travelers, Non-US Citizen

    There are slightly different requirements for non-US citizen international travelers, namely:

    1. All traveling by air must carry proof of full vaccination against Covid-19

    International Travelers Including US Citizens

    1. All air passengers are required to provide contact information to airlines
    2. After arriving in the US, CDC recommends homestay and self-quarantine for 5 days.
    3. All should monitor Covid-19 symptoms after arrival.


    Though Covid-19 may seem to be under control, for now, all must still practice hygiene like face masks in crowded places and frequent hand washing.

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