Royal Caribbean Vaccine Requirement

The cruise business has been very badly impacted by the covid-19 pandemic but things are changing now.

Has Royal Caribbean dropped Vaccine Requirements?

With the consistently lower Covid-19 cases and CDC’s not enforcing strict tracking on Cruise, Royal Caribbean and other cruises have silently dropped the vaccine requirements.

Pre-cruise boarding testing has almost been dropped on a short cruise but it’s still enforced for Canada and Bermuda cruises.

The rules are different for staff members, they have to be fully vaccinated and are tested at regular intervals. It’s mandatory for the staff members to wear masks in Public areas.

The cruise still insists on passengers being fully vaccinated but kids up to 12 years of age are exempt.


The world is slowly but steadily moving towards pre-covid status, Cruise liners have undertaken some precautionary protocols considering the safety of its passengers but its slowly dropping the strict vaccine requirements.

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