Are Yellowstone Roads Open After Flood Damage?[2022]

June 13, 2022, saw unprecedented rains in Wyoming that lead to floods. The geological survey said it’s a 1 in 500-year event!

The flood devastated Yellowstone National Park and hundreds of tourists had to be evacuated.

Authorities have assessed the situation now and are planning to open Yellowstone National Park with some restrictions.

Keep on reading for details on when will Yellowstone Roads open …

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    Are Yellowstone Roads Open?

    After assessing the damage and flood situation, authorities decided to partially open Yellowstone road with some restrictions from Wednesday 22nd June 2022, 8AM.

    All the roads will not be opened and restrictions will be in place in order to ensure the safety of the visitors.

    Which road to Yellowstone will be opened?

    The southern part of Yellowstone incurred less damage and authorities have decided to open the Southern loop of the park.

    So popular spots like Fishing Bridge, Old Faithful, and Norris will be open for tourists.

    What will be open?

    Backcountry areas will be available for tourists for day use only.

    Oldfaithful, West Thumb, Grant Village, Bridge Bay, Fishing Bridge, Lake Village, and Norris visitor services will be open.

    West Yellowstone visitor information center will be open.

    Canyon village visitor education center will also be open

    What will be closed in Yellowstone south?

    Canyon village lodges and cabins

    Canyon, Madison Norris, and Lewis lake campground

    Fishing bridge visitor center and Trailside Museum will be closed.

    Which road to Yellowstone is closed?

    All Yellowstone roads except the southern loop will be closed for tourists. The flood did the most damage to the Northern Loop.

    Can everyone visit the southern loop of Yellowstone National park?

    No, in order to better manage the visitors, authorities have devised Alternating License Plate System (ALPS).

    What it means to you is if your car has a number plate that ends with an even number, you can visit on even number dates like 2,4,6, etc.

    The same rule applies to cars with license plates ending with Odd numbers, they can visit on dates 1,3,5, etc

    In case you have a vanity plate or a license plate with all letters and no numbers, you will have to follow Odd number days.

    Motorcycle groups will be allowed only on even days only.

    An exception is made for those who have reservations, they can visit any day as per their reservation.

    Yellowstone Roads Open Map

    Yellowstone Floods 2022

    Geologists say heavy rainfalls along with the rapid melting of snow caused rivers in part of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho to break their banks and wipe out bridges and roads.

    Yellowstone National Park received 2-3 times the normal rainfall that is expected in the month of June.


    The damages caused by natural calamities can be enormous. Yellowstone is one of the most visited national parks in the US, especially during the tourist season.

    It may take some time before all the roads open but authorities are ensuring it opens in a phased manner, clearly keeping the danger zones out of bounds for tourists.

    Things to Do in Yellowstone

    Once the Yellowstone national park reopens, you can visit the places mentioned in the video.

    Courtesy: Rock The Park

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